Warmiaczka drink – healthy choice full of taste

POLKA WARMIACZKA is a natural drink made with rye sourdough.

The POLKA Mastalerz brand consistently develops product lines. We use traditional recipes and natural ingredients.

WARMIACZKA are different flavor variants of a natural drink brewed with forest fruits, raspberries, cherries or plums.

This drink supports the immunity of every consumer, because thanks to the content of live cultures of bacteria from the Lactobacillus family, it builds our personal intestinal microbiome. Useful microorganisms contained in the WARMIACZKA drink also affect the condition of the nervous system and thus our well-being.

In order to create WARMIACZKA, we grow sourdough from organic rye flour, we bake rye rusks just like traditional wholemeal bread, to finally brew excellent fruit kvass from the ground rusks with the addition of fruit.

The resulting product, poured into dark bottles, matures first. Then it matures for several weeks in a cold store to enjoy its excellent taste. Finally, it supports our immunity, because it is a completely natural and unpasteurized probiotic.

It is important that we do not use pasteurization in the entire production process of this drink. Thanks to this, WARMIACZKA supports your intestinal microbiome to the maximum.

WARMIACZKA is not pasteurized, so you can drink its beneficial composition directly without modification – cheers!

WARMIACZKA tastes great, perfectly quenches thirst, strengthens immunity and improves our well-being.