The story of one sauce

Vinaigrette sauce is a sauce that dates back to Roman times, but its systematized origin in the form of a recipe is considered to be written in the 19th century, having its origin in France.

Today, there are many varieties and variations, but its basic face comes from the combination of noble fats with exquisite vinegars – wine, apple and balsamic, combining these two seemingly incompatible ingredients with a bit of mustard. Although some people, abusing the name vinaigrette, offer a sauce containing mainly water and thickeners, the vinaigrette sauce should invariably give its consumer the smoothness of combining oil with vinegar and mustard, which is a natural emulsion stabilizer for the duration of its consumption. Over time, such a sauce stratifies and requires re-mixing, but its composition remains invariably simple – oil, olive oil, vinegar, honey, spices. If anyone is interested in how it used to be, they can read in books dealing with the history of cooking how sauces were created and what can be found in them, but I bet that there is no sucralose, xanthan gum or other functional additives with complex chemical formulas.

At home we have less and less time to prepare sauces and when thinking about a healthy salad, it is worth making sure that the beautiful-sounding vinaigrette is simple in composition and made of natural ingredients, because pouring a chemical cocktail on healthy sprouts is, to put it mildly, pointless.

This is how the idea arose that the group of consumers of POLKA vinaigrette sauces will systematically grow because these dressings are simple in composition, natural and, above all, tasty – they emphasize what is the best in our salad compositions.

Enjoy your meal !