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POLKA Mastalerz sauces are prepared as a master chef would, according to traditional cold recipes, so that the production process doesn’t lose the benefits from nature.

We use what’s most valuable:

  • non-iodized rock salt with microelements from millions of years ago, mined in the Polish Kłodawa, from the deepest salt mines in Europe

  • sweetness of natural bee honey

  • the delicacy of high-quality oils and olive oil

  • natural acidity of vinegar from Polish apples and white wine

  • the taste of raspberry juice from sun-ripened raspberries

  • the smell of spices that we carefully select for our recipes

Najwyższej jakości składniki w produktach POLKA

Finally, our sauce is tasty, healthy and gluten-free.

When you are looking for inspiration on what salad to prepare today to feel light and take care of your health, take a look at our tips in the Recipes section.