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You can quench your thirst by using the offer of excellent  POLKA Mastalerz – WARMIACZKA.

Our drinks are a completely new approach to traditionally brewed kvass. Our factory produces the highest quality kvass. For this purpose, we grow wholemeal sourdough, supplementing it with flour from organic farming, the so-called mother, from which the leaven is made, the same as for the world’s best traditional Polish bread.

WARMIACZKA napój na żytnim zakwasie i sucharach żytnich

Then, we bake traditional rye rusks by hand, which, after drying, are ground and are the basis for brewing the drink in special brewing kettles. In the brewing process, we add fruits that give the final taste to our drinks. All the ingredients are just enough to get the perfect slowly ripening drink.

prawdziwe maliny w produktach POLKA

POLKA Warmiaczka drinks can be consumed by diabetics thanks to the very low sugar content – less than 2.5g per 100g of the final product.

WARMIACZKA is a non-pasteurized drink, which allows you to use the beneficial effects of the live cultures of Lactobacillus bacteria contained in it to build your immunity by supporting the microbiome in the human intestines.

POLKA Warmiaczka is a natural probiotic combined with the undoubted pleasure of eating

By drinking it, you support your microbiome, which affects your well-being and brain function, which is confirmed by numerous scientific studies.

WARMIACZKA jako naturalny probiotyk działa korzystnie na na nasz organizm

The range of WARMIACZKA flavors is constantly expanding and we are proud that they are made only in the traditional brewing process: Raspberry, Plum, Cherry or Forest fruits from forest treasures of nature.

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