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About us

POLKA Mastalerz 1974 is a family brand that grew out of tradition, faith in values and the need to enrich life with combinations of extraordinary flavors coming from nature.

Natural taste for generations – this is our motto.

Our products are made of natural ingredients, because only such food guarantees an original taste and provides the body with the necessary nutrients. For centuries, everything that came from nature was better than artificial substitutes, which is why our showcase is the natural composition and the resulting delicious taste.

Under the POLKA Mastalerz 1974 brand you will find, among others, a combination of traditional kvass based on rye sourdough grown by us – brewed with raspberries or other fruits, and unique vinaigrette salad dressings with natural rasberry juice.

Where do we come from ? 


For nearly 50 years in our family, food processing has defined the daily rhythm of life and has been a stimulus to action.

Zakład Przetwórstwa Owowcowo-Warzywnego Ludwik i Monika Mastalerz spółka cywilna

Today, the third generation of the Mastalerz family develops the traditions initiated by Ludwik Mastalerz, who was one of the first private exporters of Polish traditional food products after World War II.

Zakład Przetwórstwa Owowcowo-Warzywnego Ludwik i Monika Mastalerz spółka cywilna

He instilled stubbornness in the pursuit of goals and faith in values into his daughter Monika by running the company “Ludwik & Monika Mastalerz – Zakład Przetwórstwa Owocowo-Warzywnego” with her years ago.

Today, Monika watches with pride as her daughters and husband write the next chapter of family traditions with their hard work.

Family ties with France, where Monika’s grandmother lived in the French region of Champagne since 1938, gave her a passion for the culinary art of the highest order and openness to new taste sensations.

Where are we heading ? 

Excellent Polish food and the craftsmanship of French chefs are today the basis for many new interesting POLKA Mastalerz products prepared by the third generation in the family. The values that Ludwik Mastalerz passed on to his granddaughters, the passion for taste of his daughter Monika and the innovation brought by the youngest generation today give a unique combination of tradition and modernity.

To be able to satisfy the interest of consumers around the world, POLKA invests in a modern production plant, safety and hygiene procedures and quality management.

Nowoczesna infrastruktura produkcyjna w zakładach POLKA

Thanks to this, we can produce traditional products safely and without the need for preservatives or artificial additives.

Tasty and healthy – because we are, what we eat!